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These are not the thoughts you are looking for.

Everything Purple is Mine. All else can be spray-painted.

3 November
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This would be the disclaimer...and I mean that. I really do.

My interests are as many, and highly varied, as my names. CmsSerenity and Meridian are the names I currently use. Any similarity to others having used these names before, living or dead, is coincidental and absolutely unintended.

I am an eighties child. This is reflected in my phrasing, often. So, if words like awesome or phrases like "You're so cool" (a la True Romance) bother you, it might be wise to back slowly away.

This place, this space, has become for me the place that I can store the hodgepodge of fantasy v. reality that my mind seeks out or creates. I am a fangirl of fangirls (seriously, the SPN fandom community is so full of talent I stand in awe at every turn) and only recently put on my big girl panties and started leaving comments and interacting instead of mad crazy lurking like I have for the last year.

Feel free to drop a note, leave a comment, tell me eff off, whatever. I'm pretty open minded, but then again, I spend quite a bit of my free time reading gay incestuous porn so who am I to judge? :)